ENDY- Changing the Mattress Experience

For a long time I slept on below average mattresses, so when presented with the opportunity to partner with Endy I was pretty excited! Mattresses are one of those items that are easy to neglect if you're busy all the time. With all the travel I do, I have to admit I don't spend nearly enough time at home buying the things I need for my place.

"Endy Foam is NOT memory foam. Unlike conventional foam, Endy’s proprietary foam is not temperature sensitive - meaning you'll stay cool and comfortable all night long, no matter the season. Plus, the top layer is infused with cooling gel for an even better night's sleep."

Majority of my season last year was spent road tripping, hoping on planes, sleeping in tents, and crashing in beds that weren't my own. Whenever I would get back, it was nice coming home to Endy.

Going to your nearest department store to buy a new mattress, trying to fit it through the front door, and/or organizing a delivery is now a thing of a the past. Endy is changing the mattress shopping experience. Expect a quality mattress that's well priced ($850 CDN for a queen) and arrives at your door in a small box.

You can even carry an Endy box while riding a bike!

Shipping within Canada is free, it's 100% Canadian made and manufactured, and they state: "We’re CertiPUR-US certified, meaning our materials are free of harmful chemicals found in other foam products: no formaldehyde, phthalates, or flame retardants". After following the simple unpacking steps it was all setup in my bed. It's compact shipping method is very impressive once you see how much it pops up.

If you are thinking of getting their mattress, I would highly suggest on applying coupon code so that you can save. My initial thoughts: When it comes to mattresses I am very picky. My past injuries (broken back, femur, etc.) make some beds very painful to sleep on. The first night of sleep was little softer than I expected and hoped for. If you prefer a firm mattress, look elsewhere. Now, this comes 100% down to personal preference. My old mattress had been sinking so much that I was craving a very firm mattress more than anything. After the first few days the mattress started to firm itself up a little more, but the top foam layer feels similar to running a pillow top mattress.

The medium firmness of it gives you support and the soft top layer keeps you super comfy. On super firm mattresses I can't even sleep on my right side without pain because of all the scar tissue from my femur injury 4 years ago. On the Endy it's painless and I don't feel like I'm sinking into the bed at the same time... win-win!! Here are some of my girlfriend's thoughts:"It's super comfortable and forms to my body as I sleep- supportive. I no longer suffer from back pain and the person beside me can move around and it does not disturb my side. The fact that it's made in Canada and has a 100 day guarantee is also an added bonus." - Chelsea Leigh

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