4 Years with Knolly Bikes

Well, I've been signed on with Knolly Bikes since 2014, and as we approach the new year I will be transitioning to a new bike sponsor. It's been nothing but good times! Shortly after my femur break at Red Bull Rampage 2013, I didn't know when I could ride next. Current sponsors lost faith in me, but Ryan Berrecloth (the Knolly team manager at the time) believed in my will to heal and comeback strong for the 2014 season. Along with that he helped me get onboard with iXS and SR Suntour. If it wasn't for Knolly I wouldn't be able to progress to where I am now. During the years Ryan ran the team, we did a handful of super fun video projects and team trips. In 2016 and 2017 I managed to make a lot of amazing project happen on my own. Here are some of my favourites videos: 2014

One Year Build. This was my first team trip in 2014. We headed out to Penticton to see what awesomeness Ryan's buddy Travis had been up to over the last year. This was my first time sending if off some drops and jumps after my major leg injury. It was a great way to kick off the year!

Rebuilt. My comeback video for iXS. 2015

Builder Movie. I spent the winter of 2015 digging a trail for this movie. It premiered in the spring and is still my favourite full-length video I've shot for. To see the full video and my segment go download it on iTunes.

2015 Year in Review. My first year where I got to travel a lot. Shot in Bali, France, and all over BC.


Versatility. Riding my Delirium with multiple setups on the local trails.

Fun is the best! Hanging out with Scott Secco to shoot is always a good time. We had a lot of fun with this one for SR Suntour.


Explore More. From Alberta to BC, Calvin Huth and I set out to make a rad adventure video in unknown territory.

Cappadocia and Beyond. When Emrah Ozbay invited me to Turkey I had no idea what to expect. The Erciyes Bike Park looked like a pretty interesting project. After a little more research and getting to know Emrah more, I was intrigued by his passion for trail building and love for the sport. Not only is he a talented trail builder, he is the only trail builder and extremely motivated to put Turkey in the spotlight. This trip was a fun way to give mountain biking in Turkey some positive recognition- and experience the amazing natural terrain in this region.

I would like to thank Ryan, Noel, Cavan, Paul, Kevin, and everyone else at Knolly for everything over the years. It's been an epic ride. I will only have a couple more rides on the bikes, but I'm very excited for a change at the same time. There's lots of exciting things in the works for 2018, stay tuned for my new sponsor announcement!

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