Tool Breakdown: Lezyne Port-A-Shop Pro

With all the travel, back-to-back trips, and long days it's been hard to stop and find time to keep my bikes well maintained. When you neglect bike maintenance for too long the quality of your ride quickly declines. There's no reason to go too long without rebuilding your fork, pulling everything apart to re-grease it, and even things as simple as bolt checks. Yet you can easily forget all these things when you're always on the go.

This has been a challenge for me for years. I'm not an expert mechanic by any means, and I usually rely on my friends at Blacks Cycle to keep everything dialled for me. This isn't always an option, so it's very important to have a nice set of tools for basic maintenance and daily bike checks. That's why I've stayed loyal to Lezyne. I need tools that are reliable, strong, and high in build quality. I've gone through my fair share of $20 multi tools and random wrenches, so it was time to step it up and get myself an organized professional kit.

The Lezyne Port-A-Shop Pro was my answer! This awesome tool set has come with me everywhere around BC this year. If it's not in my garage, it's in my truck. I'm digging the style and strength of the robust hard shell case.

Open up the case and you can see it comes with a beautiful set of tools and a place to keep your own tools already (where my keys are sitting). It's a nice selection that gives you everything you need on the go. I’ll admit, I haven’t needed to use everything yet like the splined BB tool or chain rod, but everything else has seen a lot of use. If this is a little too much for you another great option is the regular, more compact Port-A-Shop - that one pretty much lives in my bike bag for international travel.

The tire levers (missing in the shot of the opened up case) usually end up in my riding pack. My We Are One Composites carbon rims on a tubeless setup are very tricky to get off, and I rarely get flats, but when they do these levers make it a little more painless.

It's nice to know I have a solid set of tool with me everywhere I go. One of my favourite zones I've rode all year was here on Vancouver Island on Jordie Lunn's Rough AF 2 line.

The unmatched build quality is why Lezyne is my favourite tool brand out there. The beautiful CNC machined aluminium tools have stayed shiny all year. I'm really liking the wooden finished handles as well. Here's some links to Amazon for you to check out the exact specs and prices: Port-A-Shop- Pro The more compact Port-A-Shop

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