A New Perspective at Silver Star

A weekend trip to Silver Star Mountain Resort in Vernon, mainly for the bike park, turned into more than I expected. I’ve been at the resort multiple times to ride but have never given the hiking trails a chance. Given that it’s part of a ski hill, I just assumed it would be your basic loop down to the village from the top of the chairlift, and boy was I wrong.

The hiking trails overlook the Okanagan Lake and surrounding region. Silver Star’s scenic loop trail provides even better views than the bike park! I like to start off days before a ride with an early morning warm-up hike, and the resort here gave me a quality experience. It really set the mood for the whole day. The downside of going out in the alpine that early is the bugs will swarm you like crazy, but the number of epic moments outdid the number of bites . Get all the details on hiking at the resort here on their website

Some of the nicest sunrises I’ve ever seen happen up here! From the top you get a 360 degree view of the purple and orange glowing horizon, it’s an amazing sight and a great way to see the resort from a whole new perspective in contrast to just showing up to shred the trails. Click here to read the full story from that day on ZenSeekers.com.

In many instances I have come to visit a bike park, rode the trails, and left. You don’t really experience the whole place when you do this. Since we had the entire weekend up at the Snowbird Lodge in the village, could take my time to explore not only the bike park, but equally impressive hikes as well.

Learn more about hiking at Silver Star by reading my full story here on ZenSeekers.com

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