Opening Weekend at Silver Star Bike Park

Silver Star Bike Park is one of those places I am filled with excitement to visit. For the first time in five years I finally had a chance to ride here all day. In 2012, I won the NSMB AIRprentice contest and that was my first step to becoming a professional athlete. This mountain is easily one of my favourite places to ride in BC, there’s something about coming to Vernon to ride I can’t describe. Certain places give you certain feelings and it is just so much fun being there, the trails always get me in a good mood to come back for more. I think this is what helped me win there in 2012. The perfect turns and super flow-filled trails compliment my riding style perfectly. Over the last few years more bike parks have been going this way. It’s safe to say Silver Star Bike Park has been ahead of the trend for a number of years now.

I knew this whirlwind weekend trip to the Okanagan from Vancouver Island would be a tight schedule, but as soon as we arrived we were instantly in paradise. We pinned it up to the hill directly from O'keefe Ranch right before. The weekend had that old school vs new school horsepower vibe to it. I would recommend once you're done scoring a new school horsepower rush up at the bike park, to go explore some old school horsepower over at the O’Keefe Historic Ranch.

Being too excited to sleep, I woke up to catch the sunrise before the bike park was even open, eagerly awaiting the 100s of berms I would be smashing that day. Click here to read the full story from that day on

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After a few warm-up laps I dropped into the famous “Walk the Line” – a tight jump trail that has you on your toes for a few minutes straight. I’m pretty sure you spend more time in the air than on the ground on this one. This is probably on my favourite trail on the mountain because it’s so unique to any other bike park in the world I’ve rode. The steep take offs, tight space between jumps, and air-able turns remind you of your favourite set of dirt jumps, but at bike park speeds!

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