O'Keefe Ranch - A Hidden Gem

On my recent trip to Vernon, I checked out some of the sights on the way up to Silver Star Bike Park. My girlfriend and I had our first ranch experience at O’Keefe Ranch and it was a wild time! I would strongly recommend giving yourself some spare time to check this place out while you’re in Vernon. The ranch is filled rich history and fun opportunities to try stage coaching, horseback riding, and my personal favourite- blacksmithing!

I love working with my hands and developing new skills every chance I get, so when we were shown the blacksmith area I was fascinated by all the old tools and materials used to form these beautiful pieces of metal. Much like bike mechanics, blacksmithing is a very fine-tuned art.

The life of being an avid mountain biker and seeking out the best places to ride makes for a high paced lifestyle. I find it’s important to slow down and experience everything around you when visiting somewhere new. O’Keefe Ranch is one of those hidden gems we would have otherwise missed if we didn’t take the time to give it a chance, and are we ever glad we did! Check out their website for all the details.

Discover more by reading my full story here on ZenSeekers.com.

Looking to experience something new between rides? O’Keefe Ranch will certainly impress you. When first entering the ranch you feel like you’ve taken a step back in time, but in an authentic way. You’re surrounded in a well maintained community that was founded in the 19th century, the vibes are amazing, and all the knowledge you can gain on local history and activities you can partake in will keep you entertained all day.

Learn more about O’ Keefe Ranch and my visit here on ZenSeekers.com.www.TourismVernon.com

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