SR Suntour RUX World Tour

The last month has been non-stop! I only had a two day break between my arrival home from Peru and heading off for the next adventure. This time I headed to one of my favourite places in the world, interior BC! As part of the SR Suntour RUX world tour, we set out to get a bunch of rad photos and video footage of the RUX downhill fork.

Dan at SR Suntour and I had been planning the logistics of this trip and who our crew would be for awhile. I had a red dirt zone in mind that I knew would be great for shooting multiple riders. It features perfect rolling hills and natural transitions all over the place, has some pre-built features already, and is within close proximity to an awesome lake. The perfect place for a digging and shred session!

After a few days of building it was nice to finally put our tires in the dirt.

We took a break from digging in the red dirt zone and shredded some fun slopes nearby in Savona, BC.

Our last riding spot was in Spences Bridge. This place is legendary for it's steep freeride lines and we were all excited to hit some classic spots. Here we are posting up in the Arnette's property for a campfire. They are a family of shredders (and only shredders) from Spences Bridge.

Check out the teaser here, full video coming soon:

All photos and video by Whyex Productions

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