Stabilized POV Footage- How It's Done

Over the past few months I've had a large number of requests asking what I use and what I do to keep my POV footage so stable. I've tried a couple different small gimbals for actions cameras like GoPro, and so far my favourite is the Rider-M by Zhiyun-Tech - a 3 axis gimbal for your GoPro Hero 4 or 5.

My #1 angle of choice is attaching it to the GoPro chest mount, as seen in the video here.

The rider-m easily attaches to your chest mount. I've tried a few different helmet mount techniques but attaching it to your helmet weighs it down too much. The chest mount is still my favourite setup. It's probably the smallest option on the market at the moment in terms of wearable gimbals, and it's relatively light too.

For certain tricks that involve your bars going in towards your chest like barspins or tables, it will get in the way, but I have yet to find a gimbal that doesn't. The karma gimbal by GoPro seems to sit in closer to the body, but it's also very bulky and heavy in comparison to this.

A major feature of the rider-m is the Zhiyun-Tech iPhone app, it's so dialled! You can fine tune your stabilized angle down to the single degree AND you can choose a few different follow/pan settings.

Wearable, small gimbal technology is fairly new and options are still quite limited. There's many imperfections that need to be worked out- it mainly comes down to making everything smaller. With that being said, I've done my research and I think Zhiyun-Tech is making the best gimbal products in the market for actions cameras right now. You get some unreal results!

Here's two videos side by side on the same trail. The shots aren't identical but some of the trail features are. It gives you a great idea of how huge of a difference a gimbal can make!

Without Gimbal

With Gimbal

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