The TomTom Adventurer

For the past couple months I have been regularly using the TomTom Adventurer watch- a multi-sport outdoor adventure based watch. This thing basically tracks my life! When I'm not biking, I'm hiking... or going for a run, making the Adventurer a perfect fit for my lifestyle.

Track your activities and get all the details on them. This is awesome having all this data. The watch creates .GPX files of your route with precision. One of the raddest features of this watch is it's ability to download .GPX files and use them as a guide.

The super comfortable and light-weight design makes it feel like part of me, over the past couple months I've got so used to wearing it that I feel naked without it. It's not even invasive when riding and fits snugly right above the glove line. Thanks for the shot Chris Istace! I never considered myself a watch person before using the Adventurer, in fact, it's the first watch I've owned in years. It's also become pretty addicting trying to compete with my past results. I love tracking my daily activities!

A day spent in Olympic National Park

Ripping around Olympic National Park and Washington state by bike and foot for a couple days- this gave me the opportunity to use the watch in various situations. Chris Istace Photo. I can't think of a thing I don't love about the watch itself. However, the app is somewhat glitchy. The layout is very nice but I had one of my tracked hikes mysteriously disappear from my activities on the website. Perhaps this was my error somehow, but a little more user-friendly platform would go a long way. In summary: the adventurer totally rules! Whether you are looking to create routes for Strava, track your fitness levels, upload or download .GPX files for navigation purposes, or have integrated music listening, this watch has it all! Learn more about the watch and all it's features here.

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