Your Opportunity to Experience Cappadocia With Me!

Seeing photos of Cappadocia was enough to sell me on the idea of exploring this place. The unique rock formations and amazing looking freeride opportunities have drawn me in. Those who have been there have told me it's one of the most amazing places on the planet.

June 10th- 17th: I will be running a custom tour run through with less cross-country riding than the regular tour. It will be a mix of Enduro and Freeriding. There will still be climbing but we will also be running shuttles to get maximum elevation out of each day. Explore beyond the usual zones and venture off into more unique freeride zones. This trip will be a very rare and unique experience. The terrain is smooth, grippy, steep and fast! 130mm-150mm trail bike recommended. We're gonna have an awesome time shredding!

Detailed information and pricing here:

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Lines... everywhere!

Side Note: People are concerned about the safety of Turkey these days, but we insure this location is very safe. If we deem the situation in any way unsafe, or if there is an official government travel warning in place (on the whole country, or the Cappadocia region), then we will not run any tour and will refund all payments. It’s also recommended you don’t book your flight until minimum group numbers have been confirmed. We need at least 8 people.

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