Colourful California

With it being the tail end of Winter, my girlfriend Chelsea and I were sick of the rain and snow, so we booked last-minute flights to Los Angeles in hopes of catching some warmer weather. We both had a few free days and a packed schedule in mind: ride every morning, explore in the afternoons, check out the Malibu Wine Safari, and stay at The Four Seasons hotel in Westlake Village.

Upon our arrival to The Four Seasons Westlake, we were greeted with bike themed compliments... so awesome!! This hotel went way beyond our expectations. While I spent my mornings waking up before sunrise to catch some early rides, Chelsea enjoyed our hotel to the fullest:

"From the moment we pulled up to the sprawling front entrance I could tell that we were somewhere special, unlike any other hotel I've been to before. Every little detail, down to the smiling faces and pristine gardens, not one thing was overlooked. I actually teared up when I entered our room and pulled back the blinds. The view of the Japanese gardens complete with waterfall and koi pond were just too much, I couldn't help but be in absolute awe. The delicious food, extremely comfortable bed, helpful staff, and a list of amenities that would make you swoon."

Day 1: We didn't quite get the typical sunny Southern California weather we were hoping for. Temperatures sat around 15 degrees celsius and it was lightly raining all day. However, I couldn't have asked for better riding conditions. The trails were tacky with fresh lines all over the place. It was really unique seeing bright green hills and grippy dirt in this part of California.

Fellow Knolly Bikes rider, Brian Parker, took me out to his local trails near Westlake. This spot was way radder than I imagined! All the rain has allowed people to build new jump lines everywhere. More clips from this ride are up on my YouTube channel.

Day 2: It warmed up and the sun came out! The day started off with an early morning departure. We drove directly up the Santa Monica mountains from Westlake Village and dropped into a 4-hour ride back into town. The views were amazing, I still can't get over the vibrant greens! The ride went longer than expected and I arrived back at the hotel late for my checkout. Once again, The Four Seasons' service continued to impress. They told me not to stress about rushing out of the room. After a quick shower and pack it was off to the Malibu Wine Safari!

Malibu Wine Safari: Chelsea making friends with Stanley the Giraffe, you might have seen him in The Hangover 3. He recently retired from his Hollywood career and now spends his time chilling at Saddlerock Ranch. This place was a blast- good wine, exotic animals, and epic views! It was a quick, whirlwind trip but we made the most of it! I can't wait to return.

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