Join Me in Tibet This Fall!

When a friend of mine told me about the most amazing riding experience of his life last year with Extravagant Yak, I had to learn more. Tibet offers unique cultural and riding opportunities all bundled into one! Experience 2-3 hours of climbing leading to an hour or more of non-stop downhill single track from 13,000 foot peaks.

This sounded all too enticing, so I've decided to partner with Extravagant Yak and I'm inviting you to join me this October. The tour team is an amazing crew of local BC shredders who re-located to China. They are great riders, awesome guys, and their tour route is jam packed. Our custom tour will be happening October 12th- 22nd, 2017.

"In the shadow of Eastern Tibet’s Minya Konka (24,790’), descend continuous one hour single track through tight canyons, past nomad camps and wandering yaks, to remote villages with quaint guesthouses and active monasteries. This is an epic adventure topped by Tibet’s cultural and scenic wonders. The path to enlightenment is always ridden on a mountain bike." Click here for full details of how each day will look.

It's a pretty amazing schedule: camping out in nomadic huts, long days, and huge descents! We have a really fun crew so far, and we plan to document the whole week for a Bike Magazine article. Want to join me for the experience of a lifetime? Send me a message for full details and pricing (we have a special group rate going). Let's end our season in the most epic way possible!

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