The Knolly Delirium

As 2016 winds down, I've been looking back at the most memorable moments on my bike this year. I rode along the crater of a volcano in Indonesia, bombed down scree slopes surrounded by unique rock formations at Scotland's Isle of Skye, road tripped through BC, rode helicopters to the top of 2 different mountains, shredded Whistler Bike Park at the end of summer in prime conditions, and spent countless afternoons powering out solo laps at my local trails in Cumberland, BC. It was a year to remember! All these top riding moments were spent on the Knolly Delirium, it's easily my favourite bike in my fleet. The 170mm-travel machine is ridiculously versatile. Knolly's 4x4 suspension design is famous for the traction it gives you, and even at 170mm of travel and more slacked out geometry than the Warden or Endorphin, it still climbs surprisingly well. In fact, I got so used to climbing on it all year that it seemed normal. Sure, it's a bit more of a struggle than your average all mountain/ trail bike, but the difference is too minimal for it to be a deal breaker if you can only have one bike for everything. Bike park capable: throw a downhill fork on it and the need for a downhill bike is gone. The Delirium has replaced my Podium completely. Maybe larger riders would notice more of a difference (I'm only 140 lbs), but for me, I don't need a bigger downhill bike. It has 27.5" wheels vs. the 26"size that comes on the most recent version of the Podium, but it's still easier to trick and throw around. A big reason for this would be the shorter rear end and steeper angles. For those into tricks- it spins and flips easier than any 26" downhill bikes I've previously rode. Setup suggestions for different applications:

Trail/Freeride: 1. 170mm Fork (many 180mm air forks are easy to lower with spacers, in my case it was the SR Suntour Durolux R2C2). Being a smaller rider, this is my personal preference. Knolly suggests a 180mm fork. 2. Cane Creek DBAir CS

Freeride/Downhill: 1. 200mm downhill fork, I'm running an SR Suntour RUX 2. Cane Creek DBCoil CS A simple suspension swap makes these feel like two completely different bikes, the freeride/downhill setup is noticeably heavier, especially if you put a heavier duty wheelset on it (which I recommend). The trail/freeride setup would be my #1 goto if I could only have one bike all the time. Sizing:

Knolly keeps the rear end relatively short while maintaining a nice length top-tube. I would say the top tube length is slightly above-average for the sizing. I'm 5'6 and run a small frame. Sometimes I will size up to a medium because I like more space up front, but with the Delirium the small is a perfect length. If you can only afford one bike and like to ride a mix of everything, this is my top recommendation.

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