2021 GoPro Sponsorship Proposal



My name is Mark Matthews and I'm a professional freeride mountain biker and content creator from Victoria, BC, Canada. I grew up immersed in an amazing bike culture where I spent more than a decade competing in multiple disciplines, from downhill racing to slopestyle. Today my focus is set on documenting experiences and sharing fun content like global adventures, trail building pursuits, and activities that contribute to the mountain bike community. I am passionate about sharing my experiences and the majority of my content is shot on a GoPro. I like to show people what's possible with just a simple action camera. Today my total audience is larger than 700,000 people and very diverse. I hold a strong following on Instagram (351K), TikTok (297K), YouTube (30K), and Facebook (36k). Growth is steady.

Why GoPro?

I am a genuine GoPro fan who uses the products on a daily basis. Earlier this year Insta360 sent me one of their One R action cameras during their last big campaign. Upon receiving the camera I was very disappointed in it's quality and ease of use compared to the GoPro. In this scenario I didn't feel good about promoting the camera and I promptly declined their monetary offer. I would never accept money to promote a product I don't believe in. I am genuine and honest when my audience asks about the gear I am using. 

In order to become more transparent with my audience and build awareness of how I create, I've collaborated with a cloud service called Bublup. I provide access to free in-depth tutorial content that empowers my fans to use their GoPros better. Throughout the process I've helped over 29,000 people and generated significant revenue by referring people to folders full of GoPro tips:


What I Offer

Quality Content

Many would say quality is subjective. I measure the quality of my content based on my audience's feedback. I let the market decide and adjust accordingly. This strategy has worked extraordinarily well over the last couple years. For example, I won the 2020 GoPro Best Line contest and some of my GoPro Instagram videos have over 1 million views.

gopro content .jpg

On YouTube people have been asking for a raw riding video for months as they follow along on my most recent trail build (all vlogged using a GoPro Hero 7 Black). They asked and I delivered this piece that we shot over nine days:

Strong Riding, Content Creation, and Community Building Skills 

I am actively building new trails, not only to push my own riding, but to develop more content and a stronger riding community. Community has always been a passion. At the age of 14 I attended countless council meetings to help create the North Saanich Freeride Park.

I am big on improving my local scene at the same time I improve my skills. Sharing these experiences with my audience makes for fun, watchable content. I recently purchased a DD MTB lander airbag for staying on top of my tricks. In addition to my usual workout routine, I work with a trainer twice a week to stay on track. I also schedule in rides specific to strength and agility. 


A Talented Network of Friends

COVID has limited my ability to travel, but not to create because I have positioned myself well with a close media team. I regularly work with local videographer Scott Bell and photographer Jarrett Lindal. In addition to my immediate/ close to home team, I have many close relationships with top photographers and videographers in the mountain bike industry. 

Product Testing and Feedback

I am here to be put to work and help you test out new products. I make it my priority to have a strong knowledge of the products I’m using. Being able to explain to people how they work, perform, and why they are a good choice is very important. 

Commitment to GoPro

I am 100% committed to the brands I work with. I use all provided products on an exclusive basis during any related activities, events, photo shoots, media events, and official events of any kind. In addition, I make my best effort to prominently display the company name, logos, and the like at all times. In a partnership you will have the unrestricted right to use my name and likeness in connection with any and all press releases, posters, catalogues, photographs, film, and all other media and/or advertising.

What I'm Looking For

  • A two-year contract

  • $20,000 USD annual salary

  • Ample product support

Thanks for you review!



Mark Matthews

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