About Me

I'm a professional mountain biker and adventure athlete with the drive to create. Being creative to bring value to a community, individual, or those who support what I do is my biggest passion. My need to serve and create started out at a young age.
 At 14, I wrote a letter to the municipality of North Saanich lobbying for a dirt jump park, attended endless council meetings, gained support, and organized build days. The park grew into something way beyond what I imagined and it's now a big part of the local riding community in greater Victoria, BC.

I started riding mountain bikes back in 2000 and it’s never stopped being the most important part of my life. Naturally, I shifted from a competitive athlete who competed in events like Red Bull Rampage and FMB slopestyle events, to an adventure and media-based athlete. I have 16 years of experience as a sponsored athlete and this life-long passion is here to stay.